LIC Agent Career Benefits

LIC offers its Agents / Advisors highest Commissions, Unmatchable benefits & allowances among the Insurance sectors.

If U want to………….

  • Earn Unlimited Income
  • Be your own boss
  • Have an Identity
  • Individual business with No initial capital
  • Join highest earning profession in the world
  • Link with largest Insurer in India
Benefits - LIC profession

Benefits of becoming an LIC agent

An LIC agent is not affiliated to just a government body but enjoys many benefits throughout his life. The career path is very promising, opening opportunities to network, connect with people, grow phenomenally, earn considerably and access world class training with the independence that the job deserves.

There are several proven benefits of becoming an LIC agent, and a few important criteria are detailed below,

  • Get a rewarding career - Becoming an LIC agent is a rewarding career, where people can realise their dreams of fulfilling their financial goals. Being a part of people’s lives and supporting them is very rewarding and satisfying.
  • Become a successful team member - Being an LIC agent is like becoming a part of a large family and belonging to the country’s best team of insurance agents. 4021 members were added to the Million Dollar Round Table in 2015,a global forum that salutes successful insurance agents globally.
  • Get attractive remuneration - LIC offers one of the most attractive remuneration packages that isn’t just significant for the short term, but also factors in the long term. Agents can set their personal income targets and earn consistently for life.
  • IRDA Certified Training - hair bundles uk Insurance agents are provided with world-class certified training that is unique to LIC. Even without previous experience in selling, the training program is versatile and multi-dimensional to benefit agents with varied experiences mentored by qualified in-house personnel.
  • LIC Services and Products offered - LIC offers products and services that are tailored for different needs and requirements. Based on the requirements, an agent can design a product or package specially fit to an individual and his needs. Support is consistently offered to all the people who buy the policies.
  • Sales and Marketing Support - LIC provides consistent and constant support to its staff, and agents can benefit from constant mentoring, workshops and support during the sales as well as after sales period.